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D.G.P.A. & Co., was founded in 1991 by Maurizio Dallocchio and Luciano Avanzini as an advisory firm specialized in consulting for extraordinary corporate transactions. The Company is represented by a team of accredited professionals who boast a consolidated seniority, a recognized standing and strong bonds with the academic and entrepreneurial world.

D.G.P.A. & Co. is primarily focused on advisory activities and, as an independent party, it provides logical and clear consulting, free of conflicting interests. The purpose is to offer tailored solutions, based on the specific needs of its clients.



Independent firm entirely owned by the founding partners, focused on consulting for extraordinary corporate transactions and advisory activities without any reciprocity agreement with financial institutions.


Explicit division of roles and responsibilities among partners and professionals with periodic reports to the clients on the progress of the assignment.


Long-term relationship with clients based upon an approach of trust building, regardless of the specificity of the assignment given.


Team of accredited professionals with consolidated experience in different aspects of extraordinary corporate finance operations.

Tasks handled by a senior team coordinator, with specific aims pursued with a scientific method and a meticulous procedure of information processing.


Clear objectives, determination, responsiveness, flexibility and a rigorous application of sources and logical procedures.



M&A and Strategic Finance

  • Mergers and Acquisitions;
  • Divisions;
  • Distressed Company Divestments;
  • Joint Ventures.

Capital Markets

  • IPO;
  • Multilateral trading facility;
  • Delisting;
  • Public and Private Placement.

Corporate Consultancy

  • Company Valuation;
  • Company Restructuring;
  • Business Planning.


  • Independent Business Review;
  • Bank Debt Renegotiation;
  • Debt Restructuring Agreement ex art. 67 Bankruptcy Law and Resourcing of Financing.


  • Business Analytics and Financial Modelling;
  • Financial Planning;
  • Valuation Modelling and Impairment Test;
  • Fairness Opinion regarding Assets and Financial Instruments;
  • Risk Management.


  • CompanyValuation in Extraordinary Corporate Transactions;
  • Expert witnesses in legal procedures;
  • Expertise in Mergers, Acquisition and Leveraged Buy Outs;
  • Asseverations of Renovation Plans and/or Debt Restructuring Agreement.


Maurizio Dallocchio

DGPA founding and equity partner, Full Professor of Corporate Finance at Bocconi University of Milan and Past Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management. Author of many publications.

Luciano Avanzini

DGPA founding and equity partner, real estate and industrial entrepreneur, involved over the past years in many M&A transactions of national and multinational corporates.

Maurizio Leonardo Lombardi

DGPA equity partner, in charge of the Expertise division, adjunct professor of Financial Renovation and Distressed Value Investing at Bocconi University, accountant and statutory auditor. He is and has been a member of the Board and Statutory Auditor  in many firms. He also has been a receiver of many industrial and real estate companies.


Elena Coffetti

DGPA partner,  in charge of the Financial Modelling Division, SDA Bocconi School of Management Associate Professor of Practice of Sciences and Business Analytics and Full Professor of Mathematics at Bocconi University of Milan.
Past Director of the Competence Center of Quantitative Methods at SDA Bocconi School of Management and author of many publications on the following subjects: Financial Modelling and Planning, Financial Mathematics, Project and Portfolio Management, Quantitative Methods for Financial Planning and Evaluation, Capital Budgeting and Risk Management.


Stefano Balbinot

DGPA Co-Partner, M&A expert involved over the past years in a number of transactions across a wide range of industries. Entrepreneur in the Information and Communications Technology industry. Execution experience in Equity & Debt Capital Markets and Liability Management. Stefano holds a MSc cum laude in Business Administration.

Franco Cornacchia

DGPA Co-Partner, chartered Accountant specialising in the management of  ‘special situation’ and  statutory auditor.  Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) and two bachelor’s degrees (Economics and Law). Member of board of directors of a number of companies; member of boards of statutory external auditors. Manager of company in  retail, real estate, sport sectors.  Merger & Acquisitions operations  advisor  and author of  sector-specific publications.

Alex Fattorini

DGPA Co-Partner, expert in turnaround, company enhancement, business development and M&A deals. Entrepreneur and investor, member of the board of several companies, also as CEO, and member of the advisory committee of regulated investment funds. Wide experience in real estate finance and debt restructuring. Master in Business Administration cum laude and contract lecturer

Federico Marelli

DGPA Co-Partner, long experience in valuations of corporate firms, tangible and intangible assets, accounting issues and business planning, skilled in professional opinions, advisory on M&A financial transactions and restructuring, litigation support. Master in Corporate Finance and past board member in debt restructuring arrangements.

Emmanuele Mastagni

DGPA Co-Partner, in charge of the Corporate Finance division, accountant specialized in Corporate Finance with an MSc in Accounting and an MSc in Corporate Finance. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and has also taught at the Scuola di Alta Formazione of Tuscany-Liguria. He has held many positions, including as CEO,  in both private and listed companies.

Paola Tagliavini

DGPA Co-Partner, in charge of the Risk Management division, adjunct professor in the Accounting Department at Bocconi University of Milan, co-director of Lab ERM at SDA Bocconi School of Management and Full Professor of Risk Management at SDA Bocconi School of Management.
She is a  Board member and Statutory Auditor in several, mainly listed, companies.
She is also a certified auditor  and the author of many publications.


The team is highly specialized and skilled both in terms of academic achievement (Ph.D, MBA, MIEM, MCF) and of experience in the field.

Professionals at the summit of many established institutions.

Professors engaged in academic research.


Analysts with different professional experience.

Certified Accountants and Auditors.

Managers and successful entrepreneurs.


Expertise, independency and spirit of innovation have always identified DGPA & Co.

DGPA & Co. evolved through the 1990s adapting to the changing financial environment with the purpose of helping clients handle the complexity of their respective businesses.

Integrating the academic approach with consultancy and a more operative one, DGPA & Co. can analyze and process different kinds of information and data with an innovative and original result.


M&A, IPO and Advisory.

Company and Asset Evaluation and Impairment Test.

Financial & Debt Restructuring.

Procedural Controversy.

Generational Transfer Procedure.
Financial and Real Estate Investment Analysis.

Renovation and Managerial Development.

Enterprise Risk Management.

Private Equity and Real Estate Funds.


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